The Data Streams Laboratory (StreamsLab@FER) is a research laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) that brings together researchers from the Department of Telecommunications, the Department of Applied Computing, the Department of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals and Measurements and the Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems.

The laboratory carries out research, development and teaching activities in the field of data stream processing. Knowledge discovery from data streams is an integral part of numerous applications that require continuous processing of structured and unstructured data streams with application areas such as the Internet of Things, stock trading, computer network monitoring, supply chain optimization, and smart power grids.

The short-term goal of the Laboratory is to consolidate research, development and teaching activities at FER in the field of data stream processing, in order to increase visibility in the European research area and the Republic of Croatia and to promote networking with renowned experts in the country and abroad.

The long-term goal of the Laboratory is the development of new innovative products and services in cooperation with the Croatian economy, which will enable, not only the transfer of knowledge but also the creation of new companies.

The laboratory is focused on the following:

  1. research and development activities in the field of data stream processing,
  2. networking and increasing the visibility of researchers in the international research space,
  3. the transfer of knowledge to the Croatian economy for the development of new products and services through project cooperation and the education of new experts,
  4. the organization of teaching and the involvement of students in project tasks in the specified area.